so much has already been written about Reiki by some wonderful people - here is a reading list that I keep and have recommended to all our students over the years
Reading List

have a natural vibration and are used by many Reiki practitioners in their daily lives. We use them for clearing energy and have them in every room in our home and in our garden! To find out more we suggest reading
'Crystal Healing' by Judy Hall (ISBN 1-84181-260-9) published by Godsfield Press.

Tibetan bowls, bells, and drums can be incorporated into Reiki practice in a number of ways - energy clearing, meditation and Reiki drumming.

a sanskrit word meaning wheel - there are seven major chakras in our subtle energy system - crown, brow, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root.

Western Reiki focusses on channelling energy to these centres to remove blocks and to allow our bodies to function as they should.
Blue lace agate
Chakra - throat
Functions - cooling, calming, opening & nurturing
Dear Quintin & Zena
How to find the right words?
Tuesday in Glastonbury was truly a day to remember, and I cannot thank you both enough for enabling it and taking so much care to make it as perfect as it was. I still think of the Chalice Well and the Gardens. What a special, magical place - I look forward to going back soon.
~ TW Chichester
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