Reiki for 21st century living
Reiki can be translated as 'life force energy' - the energy that sustains every living thing on our beautiful planet.

Mikao Usui devoted his life to the search for enlightenment and then to the 'Usui System of Natural Healing' that we now call Reiki.

Reiki can be practiced by anyone, irrespective of beliefs, to assist healing, remove stress, to promote general wellbeing and for personal development.

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People say that you don't find Reiki - it finds you when you need it most!

That was certainly the case for us - both in stressful jobs and losing our way a little. I had a few Reiki treatments and then took my first degree Reiki attunement and have never looked back. Zena had a number of treatments from me and was attuned soon after and we honestly don't know how we would have survived without it. Reiki is a part of our every day lives and a number of our students have found the same.

Love and light

Quintin & Zena

Mikao Usui & the Reiki principles:
Kyo dake wa - just for today
Ikaru-na - do not anger
Shinpai suna - let your worries go
Kansha shite - count your many blessings
Gyo o hage me - live your life with integrity
Hito ni shinsetsu ni - be kind to all living beings
Red Jasper
Chakra - base (root) Functions - energising, stimulating and grounding
Reiki Sharing Circles
We regret that we are no longer able to host a sharing circle - the UK Reiki Federation website lists Reiki Shares in all areas of the UK.
Dear Zena & Quintin
Just a line to say a heartfelt thank you for yesterday. Headache completely gone and thoughts and feelings back in proportion - Reiki is amazing!
- JP Emsworth
Following Zena's passing I have decided not to take on paying clents for the forseeable future. 
If you have a serious condition and need help then please call me and I will be happy to discuss your options
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